3,900 Minutes

Looking at the stat sheet of my college basketball career isn't impressive. There are no numbers to reflect the months upon months I spent in the gym. My name has never been on any MVP list or all-conference selection. In over 4,000 minutes of game time, I spent probably 3,900 on the bench. And yet, it was those 3,900 minutes that gave me a new understanding of what basketball, and maybe life, is all about.


Confessions of an Ex-Camp Counselor

School's out. The sun is staying out longer. And in the past few days, social media has been overflowing with pictures of college kids in Chacos heading off to be camp counselors. These signs of summer make me excited for the new adventures I have ahead of meĀ in the next few months, but they also... Continue Reading →

Grace Like Snow

We just had our first Chicago snowstorm of the season, and it turned fall leaves into Christmas spirit overnight. For some reason, snow always makes me want to write. Seriously, when I was nine, I wrote a poem about snow. It happened one night on a whim, probably because I was overly excited about a... Continue Reading →

Nobody’s Shadow

I'm one of them. One of those girls who sometimes doesn't make plans on a Friday night so she can stay home and watch Netflix. I am the girl who would wear t-shirts to every life function if it was acceptable, because they are so gosh-darn comfortable and who wouldn't want to be wearing a... Continue Reading →

Locker Room Banter – Not So Friendly?

I just teamed up with one of my classmates to write a timely article about hazing on sports teams. The recent news story about Jonathan Martin's treatment on the Miami Dolphins prompted us to think about the difference between friendly team camaraderie and harmful bullying, and what the implications of that are for Christian athletes.... Continue Reading →

The First Time I Was Broken

For my journalism class, I wrote a more personally revealing article than any that I had before on Millennial Influx. It's a part of my testimony, and also the story of how God changed my mindset about sports and life in general. "The mood changed from carefree to chaotic in the span of 30 seconds... Continue Reading →

The New Lorde of Music

An excerpt of an article I just published ("Lorde-The Allure in the Mystery") about the mystery of one of music's most recent up and coming stars: "The world is caught up in a love affair with Lorde. Her allure goes beyond her edgy, powerful crooning and into the mysterious public image that she portrays. There... Continue Reading →

The Fleeting Elite

Mary Cain is a seventeen year old high school student from the Bronx, New York. She is an animal lover, a book lover, and an honor student. Oh, and she recently qualified for the world track and field championships in London, England. After running the fastest 800 time ever for a high school girl (1:59.51),... Continue Reading →

Amanda Knox: Life After Prison

Amanda Knox was twenty years old, studying abroad in Italy, enjoying fleeting romance and experiencing a new culture. After all, she was on her own, halfway across the world from her friends and family, living a carefree life of anonymity. All this changed on November 1, 2007, when Amanda's roommate Meredith Kercher was murdered. Amanda,... Continue Reading →

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